RIC Sunday: January 31, 2016


ReconcilingWorks wants to celebrate with you and is proud to offer these resources:..

Welcoming Worship pngReconciling in Christ Sunday Welcoming Worship

Many RIC communities celebrate RIC Sunday on the last Sunday in January. ReconcilingWorks encourages you to celebrate on a date that is meaningful for your community.

This "Welcoming Worship" resource is also available in powerpoint. RIC communities have our permission to adapt and duplicate both the digital resource and the powerpoint fit your faith community's needs.

Liturgy of WelcomeLiturgy of Welcome

For the first time ever, we are providing a brand new liturgical resource for Reconciling in Christ (RIC) communities to use for 2016 RIC Sunday. Thanks to US-2 Regional Coordinator, Kenny Callaghan, for writing this fantastic resource.

 "Liturgy of Welcome" is also available in an accompaniment edition. RIC communities have our permission to adapt this resource to your faith community's worship style.


Here are some suggestions and extra ideas from our Regional Coordinators about how to celebrate your RIC status!


ReconcilingWorks is an independent Lutheran non-profit and survives solely on the support of congregations and members. Take a part in the mission of ReconcilingWorks and ensure ReconcilingWorks can continue to provide the Reconciling in Christ program in expanded and deepened ways for Congregations across North America. Here are some suggestions on how you can take action during your RIC Sunday celebration:

  • Take a special offering at a worship service! Need envelopes? Contact Ryan Muralt at ReconcilingWorks to request special giving envelopes to be sent!
  • Provide opportunity for a fundraiser – custom buttons, t-shirts or stickers that could be sold with proceeds being split between outreach ministries in your community and ReconcilingWorks.
  • Take this time to announce the addition of ReconcilingWorks as a regularly scheduled benevolence contribution for your setting.


  • Publicize online on Facebook, in email, in local print newspapers or on your website.
  • Inform your Regional Coordinator and/or National office so they can help! 


  • Use the hand prints from preschool/Sunday school kids in a rainbow pattern to involve them in the celebration!
  • Decorate your sanctuary. Set the celebratory mood with candles, streamers, banners, alter dressings, special processional pieces, rainbow ribbon or drapery on your cross. 


  • Provide a Reception
  • Provide table or booth for resources and RIC pins (available in our eStore)
  • Set up a photo booth with props – make sure to encourage posting pictures to social media and tag ReconcilingWorks!


  • Create special bulletins. For example have youth/children design the cover.
  • Find a local leader to give a welcome to the event for example, synod bishop, ReconcilingWorks Regional Coordinator, ReconcilingWorks staffer or Board Member, mayor, special speaker etc.
  • Have a member who lived through the initial RIC process tell the story of that spirit led journey as the sermon. Many congregants may not know this story so this could be a great moment for the congregation to remember what it meant and what it continues to mean to be RIC. Christianity began spreading throughout the world 2000 years ago by TELLING THE STORY of Jesus and his message of God’s love and welcome for ALL people. RIC congregations must keep telling their story!
  • Select special music.
  • Consider having a larger selection of musicians to add a special celebratory feel. 


  • Arrange for photographers! Use these in a follow-up article to the community about your celebration. Also, send them to ReconcilingWorks who will lift up your celebration on social media and in other circles.
  • Arrange childcare, especially if your celebration is not during regular Sunday service time – Don’t forget to advertise that childcare is provided.
  • If you are having a reception or other kind of celebration, invite your choir to gather and sing for those in attendance! Sing songs that many will know and can join in with.
  • Use this day of celebration to kick off a larger educational season where you can re-explore your RIC commitments.