A New RIC Community: Gloria Dei Lutheran Church (Coos Bay, OR)

Help ReconcilingWorks welcome the newest Reconciling in Christ (RIC) community: Gloria Dei Lutheran Church (Coos Bay, OR).

Their welcome statement reads:

“We are all children of God who have come together to worship in this place. We bring different sensibilities and different gifts. Some of us have found the things we thought were advantages weren’t while our disadvantages hid great gifts. Some of us have been Christians since we were in our cradles, others of us are later arrivals. Some of us have left previous churches because we did not feel welcome but we are willing to try again.
We are not whole unless everyone who wants to worship with us can do so freely. We hope we can all join in this journey. We have all fallen short and we will love each other anyway.

We welcome everyone into all aspects of congregational life and leadership: all gender and sexual expressions and identities, all ages, all races and ethnicities, all economic and marital situations, all physical and mental abilities. We come as we are.”

Learn more about Gloria Dei Lutheran Church at: http://www.gloriadeifamily.org/.