A New RIC Community: Gloria Dei Lutheran Church (Garland, TX)

Help ReconcilingWorks welcome the newest Reconciling in Christ (RIC) community: Gloria Dei Lutheran Church (Garland, TX).

Their welcome statement reads:

As Lutherans, we believe that God’s grace is given to all, regardless of color, age, marital status, gender
identity, sexual orientation, economic status, mental or physical health status, culture, or faith tradition. We
strive to live up to the example of unconditional love and acceptance that Jesus has taught, and welcome all
to join us.
We are a congregation that is active in care of God’s creation, taking part in various ministries, including
serving the differently abled, pet therapy providers, animal rescue, social justice, and music.
In the Book of Romans, Paul writes that we “are one body,” and that “we all have gifts that differ,
according to the grace given to us.” We invite ALL to share with us, the gifts and grace that we are given,
as we are:
“Called and sent to share Christ’s love.””

Learn more about Gloria Dei Lutheran Church at: www.gloriadeigarland.org