A New RIC Community: Trinity Lutheran Church (Kutztown, PA)

Help ReconcilingWorks welcome the newest Reconciling in Christ (RIC) community: Trinity Lutheran Church (Kutztown, PA).

Their welcome statement reads:

“The members of Trinity Lutheran Church seek to welcome, affirm, and celebrate all people because we believe Scripture when it says that everyone is created in the image of God and is loved by God. Through this spirit of welcome and inclusion we expect to grow, change, and more fully become the body of Christ that God intends us to be.

We take pride in being a community of worship, learning, service, and fellowship where old friendships are cherished and new ones celebrated. Through this statement it is our intention to make known this welcoming spirit joyfully and clearly to all. Here are the particulars of our policy of welcome:

We extend a Christian welcome to individuals of every sexual orientation; gender identity; gender expression; age; race; ethnicity; cultural background; socio-economic status; immigration status; intellectual, developmental or physical disability; mental illness or neurodivergence; as well as the intersections of these characteristics. We do so while acknowledging the church has not always been a welcoming or safe place for many of those named here, and that some faith communities continue not to be a welcoming or safe place. We also wish to acknowledge that historically, expressions of the church have excluded and caused harm to those represented here, both passively and actively.

Therefore, as a congregation of Christ’s disciples, Trinity Lutheran Church pledges itself to the following actions as an expression of its welcome and inclusion of all of God’s children:

We will provide the opportunity to study Scripture and discuss and reflect upon God’s work in our midst to increase our openness to diversity and change that new members may bring.
We will seek out gifted individuals from all backgrounds and identities to fill vacancies on our staff and to serve in lay leadership capacities.
We will find opportunities to use and celebrate the gifts of those who come to call Trinity their spiritual home.
We will advocate with those whose voices are being ignored in the community and in the halls of government.
We will uphold the value of people of all races and commit to work for racial justice.
We will celebrate the variety and majesty of all of God’s children in our prayer and worship life.

Learn more about Trinity Lutheran Church at: www.trinitykutztown.com