Bishop Patricia Lull, Saint Paul Area Synod, ELCA, grieves with the LGBTQ community

“Even with darkness sealing us in,
We breathe Your name,
And through all the days that follow so fast,
We trust in You;
Endless Your grace, O endless Your grace …”
[From Stephen Paulus’ Pilgrims’ Hymn, words by Michael Dennis Browne]

These are days of profound sadness with the loss of 50 lives and many more injured through the hateful shooting in Orlando this past weekend. Unprovoked violence against the LGBTQ community grieves all of us in the Saint Paul Area Synod. I invite your prayers for the family and friends of those killed or injured, for the Muslim community, which repudiates this act of hatred and violence, and for all who work to curtail gun violence. We also pray for colleagues in the Florida-Bahamas Synod, ELCA, who are offering pastoral care to those involved in this tragedy.

Bishop Patricia Lull