Gifts of Love

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Loved one's names adorn our hearts. "Who are you here for?"Both our hearts and the numbers affirm that you, our members, have provided the solid financial foundation on which this ministry has been built.

We also know that when we get right down to it, we are here for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We spread the good news so that everyone may know God’ gift of unconditional love.

Contact the ReconcilingWorks office to process your contribution via phone (651-665-0861) or mail your check to ReconcilingWorks at 1669 Arcade Street, Suite 2, Saint Paul, MN, 55106-1054 as soon as possible.

*The Beginning Funding Gap is calculated by taking the total expenses required to run the organization and subtracting committed grants and pledges. The Balance of the Funding Gap is calculated by taking the Beginning Funding Gap and subtracting funds already received toward that gap.