Give MN 2014

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GiveMN is November 13th! Help us make welcome a lived experience.


For 40 years ReconcilingWorks has been a progressive faith voice building support and momentum through almost 600 Reconciling In Christ settings, publicly advocating for legal marriage for all loving couples in Minnesota and around the country, and lifting up state supreme court rulings all over the country in favor of the freedom to marry. 

But while we celebrate the many life changing successes, ReconcilingWorks knows we have not finished the work we set out to do 40 years ago.  

This is where YOU come in. Help ReconcilingWorks honor our 40 years of groundbreaking work—and financially support the work we still have ahead of us—by donating or raising $40.00!

We know it is critical for welcome to be a lived experience.  LGBT people in 29 states can still be fired from their jobs or evicted from their housing, because of who they are and who they love—even in some states who recognize the freedom to marry. We rejoice in the 600 RIC settings who welcome LGBT people and families, but also recognize this number only represents 5% of Lutheran congregations around the country.

ReconcilingWorks is dedicated to making welcome a lived experience for LGBT people and families because everyone deserves a community where they can worship and thrive. Our future will be to substantially increase our number of RIC settings, remain a progressive voice of faith, and work for justice and equality for LGBT at intersections of oppression. Only with your help can ReconcilingWorks continue to better the lives of LGBT people.   

You have the chance to pitch in and and help us create more safe spaces where LGBT people can THRIVE!