#GivingTuesday for ReconcilingWorks

“I don’t feel welcomed in my church at home, but after seeing that rainbow flag, I know this is the church where I belong.”

– 2015 Youth Gathering Partcipant

Almost 7% of the ELCA is Reconciling in Christ (RIC). For the young person above, that’s not enough. ReconcilingWorks has 439 settings beginning their welcoming journey. Help ReconcilingWorks maintain relationship, provide resources and ensure these settings reach their RIC milestone!

Our Goals:

  • 10% of the ELCA to be RIC in 2016
  • $19,500 from GivingTuesday to kickstart 2016
  • Build trusting relationships through resources development, conversation, relationship building and trainings with 439 settings on their welcoming journey.

Here's what we did last year with the help of Giving Tuesday gifts:

Here’s what you can do:

  1. GIVE ReconcilingWorks a leg-up by giving us a cup of joe!
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  2. SHARE this page with friends and family to grow support for this mission and ministry.
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