Dr. JamieAnn Meyers to speak at Room for All (RFA) Conference

jamieann rfa

One of our own is reaching out across denominations to do the work of welcome and inclusion!

ReconcilingWorks would like to lift JamieAnn Meyers up in our prayers as she presents at Room for All’s third National Conference. For more information about the conference visit: www.roomforall.com/events/national-conferences

This workshop will give participants a foundation for understanding transgender and bisexual people and the complex issues they face. A combination of activities, including storytelling, Q and A and group brainstorming sessions will address such things as terminology, myths and stereotypes, the differences between sex, gender, and sexual orientation, participants’ own gender and sexual identities, gender-conforming and heterosexual privilege, “coming out,” and how to respond as allies and people of faith to trans* and bisexual individuals and their communities.

Dr. JamieAnn Meyers serves as transgender representative and board member of ReconcilingWorks: Lutherans for Full Participation, and is a member of GenderFold in the UCC. She is also a member of T* Forward within the Interfaith Working Group, an organizer of TransLutherans within ReconcilingWorks, and a member of the transgender working group in the Institute for Welcoming Resources. JamieAnn takes a social justice and anti-oppression approach to her activism and advocacy, which is focused on transgender and bisexual issues and trainings for allies across the boundaries of all LGBTQIA communities.