Pronouns are the words taking the place of the noun used to describe a person, in the way a person wants others to use when talking to or about them. Understanding there is a difference between a person's sex, gender identity, and gender expressions make the use of pronouns important. Asking someone "What pronouns do you use?" is a great way to hospitably see, name, and care for LGBTQIA+ people.

Here are a few helpful ways to use pronouns

  1. Ask people what their pronouns are when you meet them. “I want to make sure I am using the proper pronouns for you, which pronoun do you use?”
  2. Add them to the signature of your emails.
  3. Make space for people to add their pronouns to name tags for events and gatherings.
  4. If you make a mistake and someone corrects you, thank them for teaching you their personal pronouns.

Intentional welcome to all people and families matters. As Lutherans, we believe every human being reflects the Divine image. That is why the use of pronouns matters so much. Each of us is a beloved child of God, wonderfully made, just as we are. Our confidence in Christ Jesus calls us to work with all God’s people to transform our communities, so welcome can be a lived experience in our congregations and in the world.

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